Sell-Side Insurance Advisory

No one wants to sell their business because they have to!

If you’re like most insurance agencies, yours is a ‘mom & pop’ shop – the back-bone of our economy!  Even if you have multiple locations and millions of dollars in revenue, you are the integral asset of the business.  Typical agency owners understand their business very well but lack the necessary acumen to fully monetize their business.

We’ll perform a ‘deep-dive exploration’ into all aspects of your business.  We’ll learn how and where your assets are allocated and if these need readjusting.

We’ll evaluate your talent, costs, profits and losses and determine potential growth areas/opportunities.

Ultimately, we’ll use all the data and information we collect to determine your agency’s proper valuation and positioning.

We know the who buyers are and specifically what they are looking for.  We combine that knowledge with that we learned during our discovery of your business, to bring to you, the ideal potential buyers for your agency.

You’ve spent your career building a successful business!  Let us help you to sell it successfully!

Buy-Side Insurance Advisory

What Are Your Goals?

  • Financial Security
    • College for the kids?
    • Retirement?
    • Aging Parents?
  • Turning your agency into a mega-player
    • You stay on and involved in your company’s growth and expansion

Our vast experience has allowed us access to the most qualified buyers.  Finding the successful buyer/seller combination that fulfills your goals is our is our top priority!

Strategic Advisory

Most people don’t do their own taxes because they know if they did, they’d probably end up losing money.  You can think of H&A along those lines for helping you monetize your agency.

We look after the business of your business…meaning that look at all aspect of your business with respect to maximizing its valuation.

So, what happens after the sale?  We can guide you in:

  • Monetizing your book of business
  • Best practice strategies for staying with the new company
  • Succession and exit planning