Your insurance agency is your biggest asset.
How do you realize its maximum value?

It is All About Trust, Ability and Reliability.

Since 2012, Helfer & Associates has been connecting established Insurance Agencies owners that are considering strategic options with qualified National Brokers.  Helfer & Associates is led by Kenny Helfer.  Kenny knows and understands the market while deftly helping agency owners navigate through unchartered territory.

With an extensive background in Mergers and Acquisitions, Kenny helps agency owners value their business. Kenny will guide them through the process of selling their agency from inception to the closing, while seeking to maximize the value for the owners.

During the process, Helfer & Associates will:

    • Provide invaluable consulting advice, honed from years of successful transactions in the insurance industry
    • Analyze all aspects of the business to create a proper valuation, including:
      • Financial analytics / analysis
      • Profit & loss proforma development
      • Provide strategic advice
      • Identify buyers based on ownership objectives
      • Create lasting financial security

This process will ultimately provide the agency owner with the necessary recommendations to maximize the value of their transaction, while providing the peace of mind that the selling of one’s greatest asset will be handled professionally and with fiduciary responsibility.